Sasha Travis

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Character Reel

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Advertising Reel


Howdy! Welcome to my cyberspace green room! I'm sasha, and I'm excited you're here!

I am an enthusiastically driven Scorpio who believes in true love, exquisite art and dry shampoo. I drive just a little too fast and consume massive amounts of homemade, cold-brew coffee.

I am at my best when I get to be a collaborative storyteller; I love nothing more than the power of a creative collective with a common goal.

I'm here to build dreams, to be a part of your creative vision and to help bring your ideas to life! Art is a great connector of people, one of the universal languages of the human race, and I want to be a part of your art and your story.

I am a dreamer and a builder, I believe it is completely possible to be both the tether and the kite! I love both the whimsical artistry of the creative process and the satisfaction of a polished and professional product.

Thanks for stopping by. Let's build together!

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